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best gpu for plex transcoding 2019

I am attempting to play 4k hdr remux files btw quite large. Any suggestions? Specs below. You can use it when transcoding using Handbrake and other encoders, but not Plex as far as I know. Plex has never touched my GPU while transcoding…. I think the problem is the searching. I cannot recall seeing any posts or threads that indicate or prove that embedded nvidia chips are the only ones that work. Thanks for the clarification, and that may be where the misinformation or at the very least my misreading of the information may have come from.

Each generation usually improves upon the other, so older cpus have lesser capable gpu, and newer gpus have more capable and powerful gpus. Neither of you have said what OS you have, which does make a difference in support and various known problems. Do please take the time to read the FAQ link I posted above, it will help you understand transcoding especially involving 4k. I am on Windows According to the page you linked not your article.

Sorry guys little over my head. This is directly counter to the official page that you posted earlier where it explicitly says one of the requirements is an Intel CPU supporting Quick Sync Video. If it does not work for you, then you need to post a new thread, with ALL your system details, plex versions, clients and server, which os is involved. Transcoding with GPU General. General Discussions. JasonNalley August 11,am 2.

TeknoJunky August 11,am 3. JasonNalley August 11,am 4. TeknoJunky August 11,am 5. JasonNalley August 11,am 6. Achilles August 11,am 7. JasonNalley August 11,am 8. Achilles August 11,am 9. Ubuntu TeknoJunky August 11,am Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 11 July - PM. I'm currently running my emby server off of an e processor with 64 GB of ram on Linux.

I typically have up to 10 concurrent streams so I added an RX to improve the transcoding performance of my server. Well, my graphics card is malfunctioning and needs to be pulled out of commission so I'm looking to upgrade. Would anyone be able to recommend a graphics card that will easily be able to handle at least 20 concurrent streams? Right now my content is limited to p but I would also like to stream 4k content at some point. I know there's an issue with Nvidia cards limiting concurrent streams to 2 but I've heard that the drivers can be patched to get around this issue.

Is that also true?

4K Plex Server CPU Recommendation

Any help would be appreciated. Hi there, Doofus might have some insight. There's also a number of similar topics in the hardware section:.

best gpu for plex transcoding 2019

How many are actually needing be transcoded? Otherwise you're looking at a similar AMD card or an Nvidia card and apply the unlock patch. Or something like an Nvidia P I've only tested my RX with up to 8 transcoded streams and it had no issues there. I was hoping to avoid upgrading again anytime soon.Plex is my platform of choice for streaming local media.

How to use integrated graphics for Plex transcoding

But not all platforms support direct playback of Blu-ray rips mkv-files. I can still play it but the video needs to be transcoded by the Plex media server first to a format the player supports. That process can be quite intensive for an uncompressed Blu-ray. You can activate hardware acceleration in the settings for the Plex media server under Transcoder.

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When you do this Plex will use your graphics card instead for transcoding. If you only have one graphics card in your computer then there is not much more you can do. This is very likely if you are on Intels mainstream platform. This is what I see.

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For instructions on how to activate it you can check the manual for your motherboard. Windows 10 makes it possible to choose which GPU a specific program should use. To set this up you need to open the Settings app in Windows There click on the link called Graphics settings. Choose Classic app and then click on Browse. You need to do this twice to add the files Plex Media Server. When you have done that click on each of the entries and choose Options.

Choose the Power saving alternative for each of the programs and then save. It used to work to only add the PlexTranscoder. To be on the safe side I would recommend you reboot your computer now. When you have done that you can try to stream to a device where you know transcoding will have to be used and look in Task Manager as the GPU usage for your integrated GPU rises. Your email address will not be published.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content Twitter Facebook Email Reddit. Twitter Facebook Email Reddit. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Plex has risen in popularity since its inception.

How to Build a Budget Plex Media Server

The ultra-popular media server software runs on several different operating systems OSes and accordingly maintains compatibility with a host of hardware options. Plex is a robust media server software option.

Simply install Plex Media Server on a computer such as a server, network attached storage NAS device, load up your movies, TV shows, music, and photos. Then, install Plex apps on client devices like mobile phones, tablets, and streaming set-top boxes to access that content from anywhere. A Plex client is a media streamer for Plex.

While a Plex server hosts all of your content, a client can access your Plex library from anywhere. An Nvidia Shield Plex client touts superb codec support and as such, transcodes are few and far between. Hailing from Nvidia, the Shield TV is engineered for gaming as well as home theatre use.

It runs native Android games phenomenally, plus there are loads of Shield TV emulators just a few clicks away. An Android TV streaming device, smart home hub, game console, and Plex server rolled into one, the Nvidia Shield TV is easily the best Plex media streamer on the market, and top streaming set-top box you can buy.

While tons of streaming devices populate the home theatre space, Roku is arguably the most popular. Its ease of use, massive app library, and stellar feature set places Roku at the forefront. Unsurprisingly, Amazon scored a major hit with its Amazon Fire products such as tablets, smart TVsand streaming devices. Its Fire TV streaming gadgets run Plex extremely well. Moreover, 4K video playback falters, and audio codec handling is lackluster.

Where Amazon Fire TV devices truly shine is, like the Roku lineup, ease of use and a thriving ecosystem. Its ecosystem functions flawlessly with other Apple products and apps.

Instead, most simply come loaded with a tablet-optimized version of Android. Despite a few issues, the PlayStation 4 Pro is one of the best Plex streaming media players.

Does Plex GPU Transcoding destroy video?

But support for streaming apps, video games, and physical media makes the PS4 Pro an awesome Plex client option. Similarly, the Xbox One runs Plex.By wisemJune 22, in Hardware.

I have an older CPU. Phenom T with a passmark of about I use Roku to play back almost all content. I figure I have 3 options here. Keep server as-is and switch out the roku platform for something that can play 4k hvec natively. I looked at new CPUs. The Ryzen x seems to be a good value with a reasonable passmark, thoughts? Option 1 would obviously be the cheapest.

But long term I am not sure this solves alot of my issues. The server is older and the CPU keeps up with every other demand other than transcoding. Option 2 is ultimately the most expensive. The CPU alone is north of dollars. That is, of course, assuming the x is a good value for my application. Option 3. Doing some light reading, I understand that there may be a way to do GPU offloading for transcoding.

What are people using in this space? If this is true, perhaps a combination of a server refresh with some GPU offloading makes sense? I'm using Plex and streaming to my Roku devices. I'm having Plex create optimized versions until I upgrade my server hardware. While this may not be helpful, personally I don't find 4K worth it to be honest.

Sure it looks nice but how much nicer than p? I know this is subjective, many people might say it looks times better and so they fell it's worth it, some people might not.

I read so many threads about people literally spending hundreds of dollars to outfit their systems to play 4K and I just wonder if in the end, they feel spending the money was worth it.

Im actually glad you brought this up. Let me also share my reasoning for this. I thought it looked perfectly fine on my 32 and 42in TV, especially from a distance.

As time passed and my TVs have gotten larger, my SD rips look downright awful, and I find myself scrambling to upgrade my content. In response to that, I know try to capture my content in the highest resolution possible to "future proof" myself. Totally understand, I can't stand watching SD content either. I also have a 4K 60' tv and an Nvidia Shield, but I've compared 4K to p and the difference, to me, is just not enough to justify what is required to obtain 4K content and everything else that it involves.

There is a Youtube video about a guy who compares 4K retail movies to Bluray and he found out that the major studios downsample 4K to 2K anyway, so when you buy a '4K' movie, it's really only 2K anyway. Id still like to get some recommendations on whether GPU offloading is the right idea here. If so, I could spend less on a CPU. On a 60" TV, they will look about the same, as you have observed. That may seem ridiculous to you now and "too big" but just a few years ago, the same arguments were made about 60 and 65" TVs and p And guess whatBy tmchowJuly 26, in General Support.

Best Plex NAS Drive of 2019

Are there options I'm not considering? I don't love option 3 since while it works, using a separate version of Unraid seems risky and a hassle. Browsing through the thread looks like lots of people are having issues but to be fair, lots of people have it working. I can do Option 1, which keeps me running Plex as I am today.

You never listed your plex needs so kind of hard to answer. Few days ago I setup a low powered ml30 g9 and a gt using lsio docker and nvidia unraid. Its fast and fantastic. If you don't need a ton of transcodes at once, don't waste your money on an overkill gpu.

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk. I have multiple people who access my server and various devices which trigger transcoding. Mostly p videos but some 4K. Plan is to To never transcode 4K but I could see myself running into it.

Perhaps my fears are unfounded? Just to confirm but you still need active plex pass subscription for the hw to work in a first place, right?

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Quadro P seems to be very popular as it is single slot GPU, has "unrestricted" transcoding strean capabilities and is smaller and consumes fewer watts than many other options. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Restore formatting. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Product Pricing Community Blog. Sign In. Search In. General Support. Best options in for Plex on Unraid with hardware acceleration?

best gpu for plex transcoding 2019

Reply to this topic Start new topic. Posted July 26, Most people recommend the Nvidia Quadro P and looks like with a patched version of Plex this works? Plex natively on Unraid. Instead of QuickSync, can just use a dedicated video card again, probably the Quadro P I believe this option requires me to use the LinuxServer special "Unraid Nvidia" version.

What do you all think? Am I thinking about this the right way? Share this post Link to post.Plex has fast become the most popular media server software for home users in With a slick user interface, smart organization, relevant media images and descriptions sourced from many online sources applied automatically and clever show recommendations and watched records, it is easy to see why Plex challenges many of the online streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Instant and Hulu.

With Plex, you play the media that you own and it is organized in an attractive and easy way. However in order to take advantage of Plex, you need a device for your media and the Plex media server to live, and this is where the money part comes. Software transcoding takes a heavy toll on the CPU and you will need a relatively powerful processor in order to support this feature.

Typically the CPU will need to be:.

best gpu for plex transcoding 2019

Audio and Image files will not require much support from the NAS. I have broken them down into the following areas:. Most media listed at high definition in will be P. An SDR p supported TV has around 4, lines of resolution the lines across the screen that form the rows of pixels but is not capable of completely showing the depth and richness of colours spectrum and contrast of 4K HDR.

Be sure to check the supported file types most common modern files types you find for p and 4K are. MOV and. HD p. This means that is Plex can utilize this hardware for transcoding, it will require much, much less of the CPU processing power to transcode a video file. Be sure to have updated to the latest version of the Plex Media Server application on your NAS and that Hardware Transcoding is listed as supported in the list above.

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